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“Alone we fight, together we battle.” – Justin Brien



Justin Brien is a passionate author, captivating keynote speaker, and empathetic coach dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others. With a deep understanding of mental illness and drug abuse, Justin uses his personal experiences to inspire and guide individuals towards healing and transformation. Through his powerful words and engaging presentations, he sheds light on the challenges faced by those struggling with these issues, offering practical strategies and hope for recovery. Beyond his professional pursuits, Justin cherishes his role as a loving husband and father, finding immense joy and fulfillment in nurturing his family and creating a nurturing home environment.

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Discover a New Path to Healing

Justin’s Coaching and Mental Health Resources

Dedicated to transforming lives and offering solace to individuals battling mental health issues and drug addiction. You will find a range of powerful coaching programs and resources curated by Justin himself, a compassionate and experienced mentor who has crafted these resources with care and expertise. Resources and programs designed to provide holistic support, addressing the unique challenges faced by those struggling with mental health issues and drug addiction. Through a combination of personalized guidance, practical tools, and unwavering support, Justin empowers individuals to break free from the shackles of their circumstances and find renewed purpose and joy in life.

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Embracing my Destiny

A Speaker’s Journey to Inspire, Empower, and Transform
From that first vivid vision of standing on stage, witnessing a sea of smiling faces, I realized my destiny as a speaker. With 39 years of life lessons, acquired through the crucible of personal struggles with substance abuse and mental health battles, my mission is clear: to impart value, knowledge, and empowering coping mechanisms. As I step into the spotlight, I aim to inspire and bring hope, sharing the transformative insights that have shaped my journey. Together, we will navigate the depths of adversity, embracing resilience and crafting a future filled with growth and triumph.

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Unlock Your Potential

Embrace Clarity, Conquer Limiting Beliefs, and Create Your Desired Future.
I am here to guide you on a transformative journey, breaking free from the chains that have held you back. Together, we will dissolve limiting self-beliefs, ignite your confidence, and pave the way to pursue your dreams with unwavering determination. It’s time to step boldly into the realm of possibility, unleashing your true potential and crafting a future that aligns with your deepest aspirations. Dare to dream, and together, we will turn those dreams into reality.

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“Do something today that your future self will Thank You for”



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This compelling book is not just about the struggles we face. Explosively explores the struggles around mental health, the demons of drug use, and the terrifying embrace of suicidal tendencies.

Prepare to be swept away on an exhilarating odyssey, as you delve into the depths of one man’s quest for inner peace amidst the shadows of a desolate path as he confronts his own mental health demons and grapples with the alluring temptations of substance abuse.

This literary piece of work is not merely a collection of words; it is a profound guide that will empower you to confront your own mental health challenges. Within its pages, you will discover a wealth of strategies, empowering you to cope with adversity, embrace your vulnerabilities, and embark on a transformative path towards becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Dive into this amazing chronicle, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It is a cry for those seeking comfort, healing, and restoration of life. It’s time to break free from the bondage of despair and discover the extraordinary power that lies within you.

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