I have recently completed Justin Brien's 12 week Stronger You Program and I am beyond thankful he encouraged me to take the plunge. I have struggled with my emotions and feelings all my life, have past childhood trauma, PTSD, and generalized anxiety. Since taking his program the personal growth I have made is unreal. I am waking up grateful, I'm showing up for myself, my children and my husband. I am working towards the best version of myself. I have become a Stronger, Healthier and Happier ME!!

Thank you Justin, from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me and for pushing me.


I'm super stoked that I have completed 12 weeks with Justin Brien in The Stronger You program. This has been an amazing journey. I learned a lot about ME and building healthy boundaries in my relationships with people including family, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, gaining tools to keep myself accountable and LOVING myself a whole lot more. I would highly recommend anybody that is going through life challenges to get yourself started with this program. Justin will guide you every step of the way with goal setting, accountability and building a Stronger You. I went through lots of emotions the past 12 weeks with Justin...from some heavy heartfelt tears, to tears of joy and accomplishment and laughing. Thank you so much Justin for riding the rollercoaster with me and teaching me more about self care and love.

Tanya Pederson

First off, I consider myself grateful to be writing this testimonial for Justin Brien and my recently completed "Stronger You" Program. I am a Senior Level Consultant with the Natural Resources Industry, an extremely demanding job. I am responsible for Indigenous relations on Billion-dollar projects. I realized upon taking this program you are NEVER too old to learn new personal growth strategies.

Through Justin's guidance and emotionally intelligent approach to coaching, I purged pas bad habits and ego based personal growth ideologies which in fact were not serving me well. I began to adopt the many strategies of the coaching program to both my personal and professional life.

Finding my "WHY", accountability, responsibility and adding structure to my personal and professional life plan are just a few of the many valuable tools I learned to utilize in my day to day life.

In reflecting back to my experience in the program, I can honestly say I continue to experience amazing gains in my personal attitude and outlook on life. From a professional work perspective, I have seen nearly a 40% growth in my consulting business. I exercise gratitude everyday, I set goals every week, and my sense of well-being and happiness is said to be contagious.
(Thanks Justin)

I feel humbled and blessed for this change in my life.

Thank you Justin Brien


We had the honor and privilege to hear Justin speak during our 2019 Health & Safety Week at USNR. We felt that mental health was something that needed to be addressed to our employees so invited Canadian Mental Health Association to come in and facilitated a workshop on Mental Health. Part of this was having Justin share his story and the struggles he has faced with his own mental health. The strength and courage he showed while sharing his story was an inspiration to myself and the entire group that attended. So much so that it even encouraged some of our own employees to step up and share some of their own struggles with everyone. Justin made us all realize that everyone has struggles and if we can find the inner strength and support to face these struggles we can learn the tools needed to overcome them.

Noelle UgsterHealth and Safety, USNR

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Justin. I was feeling lost and needed help finding purpose and direction which can be difficult to navigate on your own.

Through Justin's guidance I was able to find clarity to my purpose and passion.

We were able to break down my self-limiting beliefs, really allowing me to truly step outside of my comfort zone and make room for growth.

Justin's sincerity and positive attitude made him easy to talk to.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for personal coach to contact Justin Brien.


Justin's passion and dedication to educating youth about the dangers of substance use is inspiring. I have witnessed first-hand how his willingness to share his own story has made a positive impact on youth.

Further, the feedback from these presentations has been consistently positive. Additionally, students has also commented on his positive energy and inspiring message.

TerriYouth Counselor, Interior Health

I had the pleasure of participating in Justin's mental health presentation with our Canoe Forest Products safety committee and supervisor team.

The story of Justin's journey and on-going path to recovery would be valuable for a workplace that wishes to inspire those who are suffering silently with mental health issues to get help earlier, or before it's too late.

DavidCorporate Safety, HR Manager CFP